Applying makeup to improve your appearance is a significant element of your daily routine, and all things start with choosing the right concealer. Taking into account your facial tone, structure and highlights makes all the difference, and choosing the right concealer means knowing what you have to work with in the first place.

Concealers work faithfully to create an ambiance of beauty focusing on darks spots, blotches, dark circles and sun blemishes to round out your face with smooth tones and even complexion.  A quality concealer makes your face brighter and more memorable, while at the same time a poor quality concealer will do just the opposite. Choosing the one that’s right for you begins with some honest introspection and will result in a younger, more vibrant and improved you.

Choose the Right Concealer

To begin, look to what you want your concealer to do. I mean, really look hard. Are you looking to touch up your face or start from the beginning as part of your morning routine? There are two staple types of concealer applications: liquid and stick (or compact). These will determine what you will be doing when you apply your concealer.

Liquid Concealer

Simple to apply and smooth into a base that’s already laid down for your makeup preparation, liquid brings a lighter touch to your application. Liquid concealer is also great for applying over a wide area of your skin with little effort. This type is also recommended for applying to areas that ‘move’ such as the corners of your eyes and mouth. The liquid ‘forms’ to your skin and moves with it much more easily that the other type of concealer. Remember: too much concealer will tend to build up and give a cakey look to your makeup application. Used sparingly, you will my much happier.

Stick (or Compact) Concealer

Easier to apply as these types of concealer let you focus on smaller areas of skin with greater control. Stick concealer is usually a little pastier, with a solid form for laying down a base. When in a compact, the application is with a soft wipe, letting you blend easily in one motion. A stick concealer lets you have good coverage on small and narrow areas such as around your nose, ears, and lips, and to maintain expert control, make sure you get one that is solid.

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